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Sunday, Day Two.

 Having gotten behind a little on sleep yesterday, we basked in the luxury of sleeping late today. At 6:35 we were still in bed. What a treat. Even as the morning sun was smiling in the windows begging us to get up and get busy, we somehow managed to ignore her pleadings and enjoy the first morning at the cabin.

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 Up to fresh coffee and a great breakfast, worthy of a world-renowned truck stop. We spent the first hour getting ready to fish, and then spent the next 4 hours getting the boat ready to fish. We also found the traditional Tiger Moth on the cabin screen door. Seems to happen every time I come up here. Not sure why….If you’re wondering about the weather…here’s a taste.

                     morning.jpg (82459 bytes)

 I managed to get the trolling motor working and properly mounted, as well as the fish finder. Duane showed up to work on Walt’s boat (Hose, I have some interesting background on the Barron you bought. You’re going to like this information) just as I was tackling the fishfinder project. Luckily, he had a great, very useful time-saving suggestion that took a 2 hour job and made it about a 45 minute job. I’m happy.

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 As you can see, this silly, lake-a-holic dog of mine is settling in nicely. He even learned that if you jump from the dock, you hit the lake and somehow everything is still fine. Having discovered that, he embarked on a two hour mission to see how many times he could repeat that feat. Each time proudly retrieving one of the 3 million cat-tail branches floating in the bay as if that was the very one I had been looking for all morning.

 For those of you who either haven’t heard, or haven’t seen Spanky’s most generous contribution to the FHL décor, this is the namesake. This is the fox, of Fox Harbor Lodge.

                             namesake.jpg (85982 bytes)     namesake2.JPG (104057 bytes)

 By 1:30 we were on the lake, just north east of Flag, drifting past that point. Two or three passes and nothing. So off to cruise around the island and look for some action. Sure enough, over on the West side of Flag, just south of the resort, there were three boats drifting across that flat west of the weed patch. Three boats can’t be wrong so we joined in to make it four. It is about 1 ½ miles of 5 to 7 foot water with a flat gravel bottom. The nice part is that you can drift for about 20 minutes before motoring back upwind. The bad part is, you can drift for about 20 hours and not catch a fish….. or could you?

                                 betty fishing.JPG (56054 bytes)

 About 3:30, Kj strikes paydirt. Just a 14 incher but a keeper. Got to christen the live well, the new boat, and the new “net man”. Then about 10 minutes later, another fish, but this one was only 12 inches so we let him go. Then Betty got in on the action with a nice 15 inch keeper, and while offloading that fish into the live well, my pole bends way over and Kj hits a pretty little 19 incher. Somehow that chunky little Walleye got all the way into the fridge without a picture. Sorry. That won’t happen again. But even my clumsy fillet technique couldn’t ruin those two beautiful Walleye Steaks. They’re in the fridge for “Fish Night”

 Of course, all the time we’re feverishly trying to find the right combination of presentation and location and spinner and jigging motion…. Rush is taking a page out of Dad’s book and giving the whole situation some serious thought.

                                         napper.jpg (45430 bytes)

 How did the day end? I hear you asking…. As if you had to wonder. A cold-boy and a stogie by the fire, of course.

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 Follow that with a Garlic/Onion beef roast that spent the entire day in the crock pot….skin-on mashed potatoes and gravy, steamed string beans along with home made brownies and lake-water coffee for desert. Who deserves to live like this?



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